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JessieKissYou 04-02-2016 06:55 AM

Passionate Video with Horny & Sexy Pissing Babes
Title: PSN0001 3 Days 3 Mates

Cast: Lena Love, Noleta, Paula Shy

Sinopsis: When pretty blonde Noleta brings home gorgeous brunette Paula for a long weekend of sexual pleasures, roommate Lena can't help but be a little bit jealous. The two girlfriends head straight to Noleta's room and don't waste a second in getting the fun started. Lena, feeling left out, follows the couple to the door and begins a little pleasure-fest of her own, fantasizing about what's happening behind closed doors while she gives her own pussy the attention it craves. She doesn't have to wait long to find out. Noleta and Paula discover the naughty blonde roommate sitting in a puddle of her own pee and immediately invite her to join them. In this house, there's no such thing as "three's a crowd"! A third piss-loving hottie just means more of their favorite golden fluid, and with three whole days to fill... these girls will need all the fresh piss they can get! There is no shortage of the precious nectar as the lovers engage in any activity that comes to mind... as long as it involves piss!

Keys: pissing, squirting, teen, watersports, pee

Video size:834Mb
Video duration:0:53:56
Video resolution:1280x720
Video extension:mp4

PSN0001 3 Days 3 Mates File 1 Part 1
PSN0001 3 Days 3 Mates File 1 Part 2
PSN0001 3 Days 3 Mates File 1 Part 3

JessieKissYou 04-02-2016 05:24 PM

PSN0002 A Dry Flower
Title: PSN0002 A Dry Flower

Cast: Violette

Sinopsis: Violette's flower is pretty dry after being freshly planted. She could use a little moisture to help perk it up. Her lover has no problem assisting in the fresh soaking. Violette opens up wide and enjoys the clear urine as it hits her tongue. He continues to soak her every where, drenching her clothes till they are dripping. He uses this chance to wring out her clothes into her mouth. Mmm she loves the taste. Now it's her time to release some morning urine. She squirts her piss onto his dick as its rock hard and enjoys the feel of it gushing out of her tight, shaved pussy. They swap some clean urine from mouth to mouth being careful not to let a single drop go to waste. He lubes her up and continues to explore her body, this time plunging deep into the gapes of her asshole. She enjoys every minute of it! She is one dirty girl and after fucking in the pile of dirt, it's time for a little urine shower. He eagerly washes her off and she will thank him but taking a nice hot load in the mouth. You'll never look at gardening the same.

Keys: pissing, squirting, teen, watersports, pee

Video size:569Mb
Video duration:0:37:21
Video resolution:1280x720
Video extension:mp4

PSN0002 A Dry Flower File 1 Part 1
PSN0002 A Dry Flower File 1 Part 2

JessieKissYou 04-02-2016 06:15 PM

PSN0003 A La Carte
Title: PSN0003 A La Carte

Cast: Layla Black, Mischell

Sinopsis: Ravishing redhead meets blazing blonde when Mischell walks into the dining room where Layla is working on her book. Mischell has a harder time peeing at first, having to switch over from a standing position to a spread open pose on top of the table. A little fun with a glass brings out the best in both girls, and we start to hear them laugh and giggle more and more as they spend time fooling around with it. Mischell shines through towards the later part of the video as she stands with one knee on the table while Layla holds the glass for her to pee into. Mischell appears very excited, laughing as she pees, causing her body to alternate between brief pausing and bursting as she keeps on filling up the glass. There's a big happy sigh of relief from her when she finishes, probably from being ecstatic about having a nice piss for the show.

Keys: pissing, squirting, teen, watersports, pee

Video size:674Mb
Video duration:0:40:33
Video resolution:1280x720
Video extension:mp4

PSN0003 A La Carte File 1 Part 1
PSN0003 A La Carte File 1 Part 2

JessieKissYou 04-03-2016 12:15 AM

PSN0004 A Tea And Golden Drops
Title: PSN0004 A Tea And Golden Drops

Cast: Foxy Anne

Sinopsis: When raven haired amateur Foxy Anne invites a male friend over to her place for tea, she's got more in store for him than just an innocent sharing of beverages. She puts on quite the tempting show for him, filling a cocktail glass with her own hot urine and dousing her naked body with it. By the time Foxy is splashing around in her puddles on the floor, she can't help but notice the growing bulge in her friend's pants. After unleashing a stream of pee onto his shorts, Foxy drops to her knees and wraps her lips around his throbbing dick, taking her time and savoring the taste of her piss lingering on his skin. Her new lover knows exactly what Foxy wants and he's happy to give it to her. As he bends her legs up and plunges his hard cock straight into Foxy's tight little asshole, the naughty vixen feels the pressure building in her bladder once again. She rinses his dick with her river of fresh piss and then drops to her knees to get a taste of hot fuck juices. This piss loving hottie hasn't even come close to getting her fill of fucking and piss and she's not about to stop until she's got her favorite golden liquid dripping out of every hole.

Keys: pissing, squirting, teen, watersports, pee

Video size:565Mb
Video duration:0:36:37
Video resolution:1280x720
Video extension:mp4

PSN0004 A Tea And Golden Drops File 1 Part 1
PSN0004 A Tea And Golden Drops File 1 Part 2

JessieKissYou 04-03-2016 06:15 AM

PSN0005 Accordionist
Title: PSN0005 Accordionist

Cast: Milana

Sinopsis: The youthful Milana is taking some accordion lessons. When she gets the urge to take a piss, she doesn't bother to get up from her chair. Her instructor is more interested in Milana's wet pants than continuing with his tutoring. He pisses all over her ass and purple top, transforming it to a dark purple color. Milana proceeds to a customary oral job. Once her instructor has a full erection, Milana kneels onto the chair, overflowing a tea cup with her piss. Milana takes a few drinks and remains on the chair where she takes her oral skills to even greater heights. She gets pissed on her face and in her mouth - her makeup running down her eyes as the piss is squeezed out of her purple top. Now the action shifts to intense anal sex. Milana pees again, holding herself above her partner and then with the dick still in her ass. Before the end, Milana gets peed in her ass several times, pushing her sexual limits to the max. Milana relaxes to pee again, and things quickly resume to a hectic pace. Closing things off, Milana is at ease for the finale. She lifts one leg up in the air, pissing on her partner before sitting on his lap for one more piss shower from him.

Keys: pissing, squirting, teen, watersports, pee

Video size:608Mb
Video duration:0:36:37
Video resolution:1280x720
Video extension:mp4

PSN0005 Accordionist File 1 Part 1
PSN0005 Accordionist File 1 Part 2

JessieKissYou 04-03-2016 12:16 PM

PSN0006 After A Trip
Title: PSN0006 After A Trip

Cast: Lexi Dona and Olivia

Sinopsis: Lexi and Olivia have just made it back from the airport. They are excited to be back home and away from the bustling crowds. The girls had their fair share of good times on their trip, but the long journey back deprived them of their fondest ways of spending their time together. Parking their luggage, girls haven't even warmed up their seat before they are at each others' legs and kissing playfully. Lexi takes first dibs on Olivia, pulling her panties down and licking her pussy. A playful tap on the sofa and Olivia knows exactly what Lexi wants. She sits herself on the back of the sofa, allowing Lexi a little more time to work on her before the pissing begins. Lexi, not wanting the fun to subside, reaches for a giant goblet. The girls sit on the top of the couch and criss-cross their streams before aiming downwards into the glass. The girls then sip and spit out their combined pool before dumping it over their hair. Lexi pees again, boldly splaying her legs as Olivia places the goblet beneath the apex formed between them. They alternate pissing on each other from above before Lexi signals to Olivia that she has to go one more time. Tucking her legs and pointing her feet upward, Lexi counts down to a massive piss that reaches high into the air and well onto Olivia's face.

Keys: pissing, squirting, teen, watersports, pee

Video size:549Mb
Video duration:0:33:04
Video resolution:1280x720
Video extension:mp4

PSN0006 After A Trip File 1 Part 1
PSN0006 After A Trip File 1 Part 2

JessieKissYou 04-03-2016 06:16 PM

PSN0007 All About Pedicure
Title: PSN0007 All About Pedicure

Cast: Jenny Simons, Victoria Daniels

Sinopsis: As Victoria and Jenny spend the afternoon indulging each other with pedicures, the naughty pair decides to add an extra element to pamper their feet. When Jenny spreads her legs to reveal her bare pussy and begins to let a stream of hot urine go, Victoria is quick to slip her soft feet directly under the dripping fluid, giggling as the warm drops tickle her toes. Positioned on hands and knees, the aroused brunette pushes out her own river of golden piss, soaking both girls' lower extremities. Not wanting to let any of this precious liquid go to waste, Jenny raises her girlfriend's feet to her mouth and sucks the warm droplets right off of Victoria's toes. By the time this devious duo has finished showering in the hot urine poured from a large glass bowl, all they can think about is the overwhelming need for orgasm. Fingers and toes bring both girls the satisfaction they crave, and now they have one last warm, wet treat for each other, leaving them tingling with pleasure and soaked from head to toe.

Keys: pissing, squirting, teen, watersports, pee

Video size:539Mb
Video duration:0:34:54
Video resolution:1280x720
Video extension:mp4

PSN0007 All About Pedicure File 1 Part 1
PSN0007 All About Pedicure File 1 Part 2

JessieKissYou 04-04-2016 12:15 AM

PSN0008 All For You
Title: PSN0008 All For You

Cast: Aika Mai, Vanessa Twain

Sinopsis: Vanessa loves to surprise Aika, and leaving her prudent gifts is one of her favorite of doing so. Aika busily fondles her gift as Vanessa enters the room. Aika has no problem being the center of Vanessa's affection, laying comfortably in bed as Vanessa fulfills her needs. Aika soaks in every rub, stroke, and lick that Vanessa provides to satiate that need. The pissing begins with Vanessa hanging from the canopy bed. She's confident in her act, but she's amenable to Aika's reciprocations. The bond between them is unmistakable as Aika lays onto Vanessa and raising her legs upwards as Vanessa tucks them underneath her own legs. After Aika straps on her gift, she shifts it aside for some more pissing. Aika continues to show just how much Vanessa's actions turn her on. Her body, at the mercy of Vanessa, quivers her leg frantically before she drops from the exhaustion. For the final act, the girls come together in the middle of the bed to piss simultaneously onto the bed and each other.

Keys: pissing, squirting, teen, watersports, pee

Video size:580Mb
Video duration:0:34:53
Video resolution:1280x720
Video extension:mp4

PSN0008 All For You File 1 Part 1
PSN0008 All For You File 1 Part 2

JessieKissYou 04-04-2016 06:15 AM

PSN0009 Alpha And Omega
Title: PSN0009 Alpha And Omega

Cast: Oxana

Sinopsis: Oxana is being casted today for our site and I must say I am very excited by what I've seen. This hot blonde has a body of a goddess and can pee for days. Every mans pissing fetish fantasy. Watch her strip off her clothes for our camera and remove all her ambitions. Once she is completely naked she gets to pee for us for the first time! She is a little shy and a little nervous but its fun to watch that quickly disappear form her face. She lets the stream flow from her puffy shaved pussy and looks at the piss in amazement. Watching her fills my mind with more fantasies then I had before. This hardcore beauty loves to suck cock to. Watch as she takes the dick deep into her mouth. Sucking it faster and faster. The groans of her lover can be heard for miles and soon his cum fills her chest. She smiles at the accomplishment and is more turned on then ever. Now it's her turn to show us what she really has in store for us. Her favorite thing to do it soak her panties with piss and drink it.

Keys: pissing, squirting, teen, watersports, pee

Video size:582Mb
Video duration:0:39:32
Video resolution:1280x720
Video extension:mp4

PSN0009 Alpha And Omega File 1 Part 1
PSN0009 Alpha And Omega File 1 Part 2

JessieKissYou 04-04-2016 12:16 PM

PSN0010 Alter Yoga
Title: PSN0010 Alter Yoga

Cast: Sabrina and Taissia

Sinopsis: When sexy Russian babes Sabrina and Taissia meet for their morning yoga session, Sabrina has more than just exercise on her mind. Seeing her younger friend positioned on the floor between Sabrina's open legs gives her the perfect opportunity to let loose the bladder full of pee she's been holding in all morning. The flow of urine shooting out from between her legs feels so incredibly good that it causes instant arousal, especially when she sees Taissia's wet tank top clinging to her small breasts and showing nearly every detail... perky little nipples and all. Taissia removes her soaked shirt and wrings it out all over Sabrina's tits before unleashing a standing geyser of hot piss into her friend's open mouth. The dirty duo is so wrapped up in their own world of pee that they barely notice when Sabrina's boyfriend comes home and drops his pants to shower the girls with a fountain of his own golden fluid.

Keys: pissing, squirting, teen, watersports, pee

Video size:431Mb
Video duration:0:27:52
Video resolution:1280x720
Video extension:mp4

PSN0010 Alter Yoga File 1 Part 1
PSN0010 Alter Yoga File 1 Part 2

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