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XXXBoard 02-04-2017 01:32 PM

XXX Board Rules! Read Please!
Please read our Rules before posting

Official language of is English

Attention Please!!! PROHIBITED CONTENT:


Please, read about Allowed and Banned Hosts before posting.

Be courteous in communication, do not insult other forum users.


1.1 You can't use the forum for commercial purposes or post spam.
1.2 You can't post links to websites, blogs or other forums.
1.3 You can't use a pay-site name in thread titles, posts titles, link names or text of posts.
1.4 You can't use all CAPS in thread titles.
1.5 You can send only one video set or picture set per post.
1.6 You can't post more then 10 post per day in one thread.
1.7 You can't post Streaming videos.


2.1 You must post ONLY MegaThreads
2.2 You must send your posts in the correct sections.
2.3 Use only free-download links.
2.4 Use thumbnails when posting pics instead of hot-linked images.
2.5 Video post must include a screen capture consisting of at least four (4) images and typed into post: file size, file type, playing time and video resolution; ex. (82 mb - avi - 04:49 - 640x480).
2.6 Picture post must include no more than twenty-five (25) thumbnails in a post; posting links to zip files is permitted; posts must include sample pictures, and the following descriptions: file size and number of images in zip file; ex. (40 mb - 42 pics).
2.7 Before posting you should see a list of Allowed, Banned and Preferred hosts.
2.8 DO NOT Post more then 2 video per post!
2.9 DO NOT Post 10 and more post in one thread per day!

Contact Administrators, SuperModerators or Moderators if you have a some problems on forum.

All the best,
XXX Board :)

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