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Ruining This Loser's Orgasm with Tessa Ray

As this muscular stud stands naked before us, the gorgeous Tessa Ray and I tease him with our sexy bodies and begin gently stroking his big dick. We're so sexy that he gets hard in no time as we continue flaunting ourselves and jerking him off together. He's incredibly horny and aching to cum but we torture him by refusing to let him. He's only allowed to blow his load when we give him permission to, but we want to tease him for a while first. We bring him to the brink of explosion only to deny his orgasm and repeat the cruel act over and over again. I rub his hard cock all over Tessa's tight, bare ass while his balls cry out in pain, dying to empty themselves but being denied the opportunity. We drive him absolutely crazy as we tease his cock and he begs to cum while we laugh at the poor loser. "I want to cum, please!" he cries but we haven't finished tormenting him yet and refuse to let him. "Would you like to cum on her ass?" I ask as Tessa rubs her naked bottom on him. "Show him your tits!" I say, and Tessa quickly pulls down her top to tease this jerk with her perky, young breasts. We finally let him cum but ruin his orgasm by refusing to touch his cock as he spills his load all over the floor. No sooner is he done cumming then we start jerking his sore cock again whilehe groans in pain. We attempt to milk this loser but will he be able to cum one more time or will he disappoint us? Find out!

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