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BonDage - Whitney Explains How an Intruder Hogties Her! - Part 1

Whitney talks on the phone, to a friend, explaining what has just happened to her. She tells her friend that a man had followed her into her house and shoved a big ball in her mouth, tied her wrists behind her back and then tied a rope around her neck and tied it overhead very tightly. The scene then fades into Whitney in that very predicament. She struggles and chokes for a while before the intruder returns. He hasn't found anything of value. He tries to convince Whitney to tell him by smacking her ass and roughly manhandling her. The scene fades back to Whitney on the phone as she explains how he pulled a crotchrope tightly between her legs. Then we fade back and see the rope being pulled between her legs. The intruder keeps adding more and more rope. He rips her blouse open and buttons fly everywhere. Whitney whimpers as he now squeezes and gropes her bare tits. Soon her skirt is around her ankles and her upper legs have 3 bands of tightly cinched rope around them. A stream of drool has made its way down her chest and almost to her knees. Her hair is pulled as the intruder manhandles her once again. He unties her neckrope from above and seats her in a chair. He removes her ballgag and she tries to yell, but he quickly clasps his hand tightly over her mouth. She gives him "the look" but quiets down as he produces a huge sponge. It is shoved completely in Whitney's mouth and then wrap after wrap of black tape seals it in. As Whitney endures the gag, the intruder adds more rope...this time tying her booted ankles together. He then starts binding her tits with thin twine. She really hates this!! The intruder then starts groping her bound tits and flicking her nipples. She Really Really Hates this!!! She yelps as the intruder plays with her tightly bound tits. He removes her gag and this is where Part 1 ends. All during the clip, we fade in and out of Whitney on the phone explaining in her own words what was happening to her.

Format: mp4
Duration: 33:51
Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 2938kbps
Audio: 119kbps

File size: 759.9 MB
Download BonDage - Whitney Explains How an Intruder Hogties Her! - Part 1
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